Abandoned Fort San Cristóbal – Pamplona, Spain

Built and erected as fortress after Carlist war in period of four years 1872-1876, It was later made into a makeshift prison during the 2nd Spanish Republic with nearly 750 revolutionary convicts imprisoned there.

The fortress is also known as the Fort of Alfonso XII.

The Ministry of Defense still owns the facility although the last troops left it in 1991.

Although there has been several projects for recovering the fort and giving it a new use and in 2001 it was decreed “good of cultural interest”, it remains today abandoned and ruinous.

Urban Exploring rating:

Trespassing Status – Closed/No Security

Accessibility – ⑧ ∕ ⑩

Dangers Level/Risk – ⑨ ∕ ⑩ Flooded tunnels, Risk of falling bricks and stones

Spooky Level – ⑨/⑩

Fun – ⑧/ ⑩

Urbex Level – Advanced

Total: 8.5 / 10

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