Abandoned Rocha Amarela village in Algarve, Portugal

Rocha Amarela is located close to Alte in the region of Algarve, Portugal.

It was an active community until 1980 when the last citizen died and urban lifestyle becomes more dominant so people left their rural region to be more urban.

You can find it on a dirt road South East from Alte and North East from Estevais de Moiros.

There isn’t much to see in this village but walking through typical landscape of Algarve.

The village includes around 20 small buildings in very bad condition.

Some artifacts from the daily life of the people who once lived in this small community can be found around.

Rocha Amarela – which in Portuguese means “Yellow Rock” is a classical example of Iberian ghost village.

Urban Exploring rating:

Trespassing Status – Open/No Security

Accessibility – ④ ∕ ⑩

Dangers Level/Risk – ② ∕ ⑩ Flooded tunnels, Risk of falling bricks and stones

Spooky Level – ⑤/⑩

Fun – ④/ ⑩

Urbex Level – Tourist

Total: 3,75 / 10
Location: 37°12′51.3″N 08°09′36.6″W


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