Konstantin Grcic’s Six Public Clocks: A Playful Homage to Timekeeping

Konstantin Grcic, a renowned German designer celebrated for his innovative furniture and product designs, stepped into the realm of public art with his winning proposal for Six Public Clocks in 1999. Installed at Reuters Plaza in London, these clocks have since become an iconic feature of the area, captivating locals and visitors alike.

The concept behind Grcic’s installation draws inspiration from the timeless Swiss railway clock, a design revered for its precision and clarity. However, Grcic injects his own playful twist into the traditional timepiece by assigning each clock face a single numeral. Thus, while the hands of all twelve clocks align in synchrony, each face displays a unique number, creating an intriguing visual spectacle that challenges conventional perceptions of time.

Situated on both sides of the clocks, Grcic’s creation effectively doubles the impact of his design, ensuring that passersby can appreciate the intricate details from every angle. The use of steel and glass not only enhances the clocks’ durability but also adds a contemporary flair to the urban landscape.

Interestingly, Grcic’s installation is not the only timekeeping feature in the vicinity. Adjacent to Reuters Plaza, artist Richard Wentworth’s ‘Globe’ clocks offer a contrasting perspective by displaying the time in various countries. Together, these installations serve as a testament to the diverse interpretations of time in a globalized world.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Grcic’s clocks serve as a testament to his prowess as a designer. Having garnered international acclaim for his innovative approach to design, Grcic’s foray into public art further solidifies his reputation as a creative visionary.

The synchronized movement of the clock hands, reminded of the intricate dance of time that governs our lives. Grcic’s Six Public Clocks stand as a symbol imagination, inviting us to rethink our relationship with time in an ever-changing world.


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