Why you need to stop using the same Passwords

In December of 2016, Yahoo announced it had uncovered a massive data hack, compromising more than 1 billion user accounts. This was in addition to an earlier 2014 data breach, which had affected over 500 million users. While users may scream for blood when such a breach happens – usually blaming the owners of the affected websites – the real culprit can likely be found in their own bathroom mirrors.

You see, many data breaches are caused by one seemingly innocent common factor: computer and mobile device users reuse their passwords on multiple websites at an alarmingly high rate.

We’re all only human. (Well, except for Sheldon Cooper – we’re not exactly sure what he is just yet.) One thing we all have in common is that we usually have a hard time remembering the 90 billion passwords we use each and every day to log in to our email, bank accounts, app stores and dating services. (90 billion is merely a rough estimate; your mileage may vary.)
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And Establish a Safe Password Policy….


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