Urbanista #8 Abandoned Caserna del Carrabiners

The first building from the headquarters was built in 1844. Sponsored by Royal “Carrabiners” this Guard post has been used for monitoring the coast line sailing, and preventing contraband of tobacco. The climate in the area during this period was reason for malaria and tuberculoses.
The main plan of the buildings include 3 main blocks, connected in square and one side from south opened to the sea.

During the coup from 1938 the soldiers here reminds loyal to the Republic. From 1939 to 1970 the headquarters was used by Guardi Civil and after that abandoned.

Today the Caserna is part of the Natural Park of El Prat and can be visited for free and it is very close to Casa del Semafor. Half day trip for your Urbex training, good starting place.

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