Urbanista #22 The Abandoned Amusement Theme Park-Game City in Yangon, Myanmar

Opened in 1997 by some of the most powerful men in Myanmar’s dictatorship the park was planned to be attraction part of the city Zoo of Yangon.

The opening ceremony was attended by several Burmese big-wigs including General Khin Nyunt, who was then Secretary-1 of the State Law and Order Restoration Council. The military was proud of the park and hailed it as a “world-class” amusement park with “modern” attractions.

Set in the ex-capital, the park with its merry-go-rounds featuring brightly colored ponies, a kiddies’ play hall and a games arcade, was probably not the most sinister project the notoriously brutal military rulers had ever cooked up.

This park shouldn’t be confused with the “Happy World,” which is still in operation in Yangon, the now-abandoned theme park was a 10-acre annex to the Yangon Zoological Gardens.

Twenty-one years after the , the park lies derelict as vines and trees slowly swallow the majestic red roller-coaster, the Viking pendulum ship and an array of other dead machines.

In a hall labeled “Happy Child World,” clunky games consoles that look like props in a 1980s sci-fi movie sit covered in dust, and plastic orbs from the ball pit are strewn across the floor.

One of the best Urbex locations I ever visit. Highly recommended if you pass through Yangon.

And at the end an advice in case you decide to visit the park:

1. Bring some anti-mosquitoes repellent with you. The area there is like small jungle and mosquitoes are everywhere.

2. Street dogs live in the place. As everywhere in Yangon the dogs are not rare here. Don’t show any fear and they will leave you alone in one moment.

3. Snakes. Sometimes snakes has been seen there. The local neighbors around will warn you for this. Put some serious shoes and don’t go there with flippers.

Urban Exploring rating:

Trespassing Status – Hole in the fence, Difficult to enter from other place

Accessibility – ⑧∕⑩ No Security

Dangers Level/Risk – ⑨∕⑩ Snakes, Mosquitoes and a lot of street dogs

Spooky Level – /⑩ Great, It is an Abandoned Amusement park, What you want more?

Urbex Level – ⑧/⑩ – Average or Pro

Fun – ⑧/⑩ – Must see location, Unique atmosphere

Total: 8.60/ 10

Video from this location:


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