Urbanista #21 The Abandoned Castle Torre Salvana in Santa Coloma de Cervello, Spain

Protagonista of this article is one abandoned castle at “Santa Coloma de Cervello” Cataluña, Spain. This place is famous with the paranormal activities witnessed by many visitors in the last 50 years. Many people reported that they encounter ghosts or they have heard strange sounds and voices.

Anyway our mission was to make some good photos and short video. The day was warm and the sky was clear. We didn’t come across any zombies or crazy phenomena, but the place is definitely magical and we have our strange short “accident” for few minutes. When we were staring at the main tower, in one moment from small hole on the internal side, bird’s corpse felt on the ground. When we approach to check it, we realize that there was no bird head to match this corpse. We enter into the tower and there was absolutely nothing inside. So if you visit this place be careful for falling bird’s corpses without heads.

The Guard Tower was build first and it appeared around the year of 992 AD.

Placed on the top of a hill, this fortification providing very strategical advantages for its owners who lived in the perimeter. It give possibilities to monitor the agriculture fields with the crops and managing the working day in the area.

During the next centuries the Tower changed its name many times.

In 13th century the castle was damaged and destroyed in some parts because of the famous Catalan rebellion.

After these hard times the building was purchased by Jaume II and his family. They used it till 1390, and after that it was sold to the municipality of Barcelona.

At the end of the war and the rebellion the fortified mansion was confiscated in interest of King Filipe V from Borbon. After the end of 18th century till beginning of 20th century Torre Salvana has been property of marquises de la Manresana and Santa Maria de Barbera.

Today the building is under protection of declaration issued in 1949.

The architecture metamorphosis of the building started with Roman style, then many Gothic elements has been added.

After a period of Neo-Gothic changes the castle received its new front gate guard towers. Now this tower surrounded castle is falling slowly apart. It become poplar destination for tourists and esoteric groups searching for strange signs from people who died before centuries.


Urban Exploring rating:

Trespassing Status – Free/No Security

Accessibility – ⑩∕⑩

Dangers Level/Risk – ∕⑩ Damaged roofs, Risk of falling bricks and stones

Spooky Level – /⑩This place is famous with its paranormal and oculists stories. Just check in Youtube and you will be surprised.

Urbex Level – /⑩ – Easy, Beginners

Fun – /⑩

Total: 7.66 / 10

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