Urbanista #17 Abandoned Rural Farm #1 at El Prat, Barcelona-Spain

The abandoned farmhouse in this article is located in El Prat, Barcelona right near the bed of river El Prat. It was abandoned during the construction of Mandela Bridge, situated on 50 meters from the farm. We took a short bicycle trip to El Prat reserve and on the way we came across this hidden beauty.

You can see the house from the main road or from the Bridge and use the small pathway to reach it. The roof has fallen apart in some of the rooms. Floors missing in some areas and you can see the basement parts. In the back there are areas used for breeding animals and small agriculture garden. The time you need to make a farm tour is around 15 minutes.


Urban Exploring rating:

Trespassing Status – Free/No Security

Accessibility – ⑩∕⑩

Dangers Level/Risk – ∕⑩ Broken roofs and floors, Risk of falling objects

Spooky Level – ②/⑩

Urbex Level – ②/⑩ – Beginners

Fun – ②/⑩

Total: 4 / 10


Video Impressions from this abandoned location:

Geolocation at Wikimapia.org

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