Tie knots like Pro

Summer Holidays are already here. and the two most important keys to consistent fishing success are a sharp hook and a strong knot. Everything else is secondary… Everything!

These days, there’s no excuse for not using a sharp hook every time we cast a line. Hook technology has come a long way. Modern hooks are lighter, finer, stronger, and – most importantly – sharper straight from the pack than ever before. However,

it’s still impossible to buy a packet of strong knots! Clever folks have done their best to come up with nifty devices intended to eliminate the need for knots by allowing the attachment of a clip or snap directly to the end of a line or leader via a series of wraps and twists.

These things work, to varying degrees, but have never taken off. Many are a tad bulky, and there’s also that nagging doubt in the back of the user’s mind about their strength and reliability under practical fishing conditions. So most of us still need to tie knots in our day-to-day fishing… Sometimes lots of knots!

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