This Kit Gives Weapons for Anonymity & Encryption

New York-based designers Xuedi Chen and Pedro Oliveira have created a kit of wearables for civil unrest.Imagine if a hip fashion or tech company were in the business of designing privacy and encryption-enhancing wearables. This is sort of the notion behind Backslash, a kit of “functional devices designed for protests andriots of the future.”Conceived by Brooklyn-based designer and educator Xuedi Chen and Brazilian art director and interactive designer Pedro G. C. Oliveira, the Backslash kit features everything from smart bandanas that feature embedded messages to a mobile “panic button.” Backslash was inspired, as Chen tells The Creators Project, by a range from recent protests, including the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, Gezi Park, the Egyptian revolution and others.





Source: This Kit Gives Protestors Weapons for Anonymity & Encryption | The Creators Project


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