The War Against Terror and leading Drone maker DJI

Series of software updates released by DJI recently, will prevent drones made by the firm from flying over large areas of Iraq and Syria.

Implemented around airports and military airfields, geofencing areas, these devices were spotted by anti-drone specialist Kevin Finisterre from drone biz Department 13.

If a user tries to get a DJI drone to take off in a no-fly area, the drone simply will refuse this command.

The new no-fly zones in Syria and Iraq were added to the software between 25-27 February, which was around the same time that US-backed Iraqi military units were mounting an offensive against Isis in Mosul.

DJI's drone geofences across Iraq and Syria. Screenshot from Google Earth map
DJI’s drone geofences across Iraq and Syria. Google Earth file prepared by Kevin Finisterre: The Register


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