‘The banker’ removes traces of cocaine from banknotes and collect it for you

Chemist Yuegang Zuo from the university of Massachusetts revealed that up to 90% of banknotes in the united states contain traces of cocaine — from between 0.006 micrograms to 1.24 micrograms per bill. Zuo’s research confirmed that there was an increase of 20% of the quantity coke transported on paper money compared to an earlier study in 2007.


In 2008, following these statistics, Francesco Morackini responded to these numbers by developing a complex machine in the form of ‘MO-CLEAN/14 aka. The banker’ which at its essence, automatically and systematically detects traces of cocaine from banknotes. He has further developed the concept now by unassumingly giving it the form of a standard office copy or distributor machine one would find at their local bank branch. the device encompasses five different functions housed within the appliance: banknote counting machine; banknote cleaning machine; centrifuge; high performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) and mas-spectrometer.



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