Pina Cocainalada-Spanish police found 67 kilos of cocaine hidden in pineapples fruits

(Foto: Policía Nacional)

After planned operation in Madrid and Barcelona Spanish police found 67 kilos of cocaine hidden in pineapples fruits. The drug was made in cylindrical blocks and delicately packed under the fruit’s skin. All cylinders were carefully covered in wax to prevent any chemical smells coming from inside and protect the cargo from police dogs checks. The cylinders vary in weight, most of them scaled from 800gr to 1000gr.

(Foto: Policía Nacional)

Three persons were arrested in Madrid and four in Barcelona. Police suspect them in organizing a criminal group for traffic of cocaine and operating behind company for vegetables and fruits import.

The pineapples import was based on regular deliveries from Costa Rica to Portugal. The company then transported the coca-pineapples to Madrid and spread the cocaine through its network.

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