NASA Free Software catalog for 2017-2018

NASA Software Catalog offers an extensive portfolio of software products for a wide variety of technical applications.The catalog is available for use at no charge. Certain codes have been licensed by NASA for commercial purposes and are only available to other agencies or companies with a government contract. If a software product is availablefor commercial purposes, a statement indicating that the code “is available for licensing” will be included in the software description.

Each code listed in the catalog is available at no cost and has been evaluated
for access requirements and restrictions:
General Public Release
For codes with a broad release and no nondisclosure
or export control restrictions
Open Source Release
For collaborative efforts in which programmers improve
upon codes originally developed by NASA and share the changes
U.S. Release Only
For codes available to U.S. persons only, with no further
transfer of the software allowed without the prior written approval of NASA
U.S. and Foreign Release
For codes that are available to U.S. persons and
(under special circumstances) persons outside of the U.S.
U.S. Government Purpose Release
For codes that are to be used on behalf
of the U.S. government
Project Release
For use under a contract, grant, or agreement
Interagency Release
For use by U.S. government agencies
NASA Release
For use only by NASA personnel and contractors


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