Game of Drones and Drone Party Mollerussa 2017

Drone competitions starts getting more popular in Spain in 2017. From Drone Shows in the beginning to full year tournaments in rounds spreads across the country.

We made it for the last one in Mollerussa in Catalunya.

A lot of teams, everyone dressed in their custom team jumpers and T-shirts. 3D drone frames printing. Here is the event score:

Any Drone event is positive for this new sport hobby. Good place to exchange knowledge and ask for support. Large area for Drone track. Workshops and example of 3D DIY mini drones.


Unfriendly area for newbies and spectators. Too small area for visitors. Too much safety rules for enthusiast and strange rules. More players and competitors than visitors. for Safety Fly area with the net, even for mini drones.

Here is what we saw :

Short video from Mollerussa


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