Alexander Jukov-Nastra extradition from Bulgaria confirmed by Russian Embassy in USA

Following his arrest on 6th of November 2018 from Bulgarian authorities in Varna, Alexander Jukov, known as Nastra was extradited to USA. The Russian embassy, in a statement on its VK social network, said Alexander Zhukov had been extradited on January 18 and was being held in a jail in Brooklyn, New York. “Employees of the Consulate General in New York will visit him in jail soon,” the embassy said.

Nastra is one of eight people, most of them Russian, indicted last November for creating fake advertising schemes through remote data centers and malware-infected computer networks.

In the first, dubbed “Methbot,” it rented computer servers and simulated humans viewing ads on webpages, tricking businesses into paying more than $7 million (6.16 million euros) for the fake views, according to US prosecutors.

In the second scheme, two of the group members operated a fake ad network through 1.7 million malware-infected computers to falsify billions of ad views, costing businesses $29 million for the views.

Zhukov was earning about $20,000 per month on his fake ad-view contracts, but was exposed after a conflict with his US client, Kommersant said. He turned up all his servers against that customer’s video inventory, generating millions of views, and indirectly catching the eye of advertising networks.

As a NATO member, Bulgaria has an extradition treaty with the US, and Zhukov ends up in US custody. If convicted, the maximum penalty he’ll face in the US for his crimes is 20 years in prison. He is 38 years old and from 10 years he has Bulgarian ID card. This is the third related arrest after Evgeni Timchenko and Sergei Ovsyanikov were arrested in Estonia and Malaysia 2018.

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