Porn Diaries – Interview with Valentina Bianco

Shanomag: How did you started? How did you decide to go and make your first movie?

VB: This was not decision I took for one day. Everything happened smoothly. I started as a nude model, I worked also as model for painters. In one moment I was really confident in my body and I continue with erotic photography and finally I ended in the porn industry.

Shanomag: Did you have a favorite porn star from this period? Anyone who has been your role model?

VB: Hmmm… My favourite porn star from this period was Belladonna. I think I liked Jenna Jameson too, which I regret because when I started to work I realised that actually she was not a great performer. One thing is very interesting. I had already seen some porn movies before starting in the industry and it is strange how different they were from the reality of experiencing it. Other favuorite star from this period is one Italian girl – Anna Falchi. But it was the same as I said earlier, once you know people who worked with her and you talk with them you realise that this is not what you imagine in a first place. Looks like I was liking something what was not real. It was totally different from what I expected.

Shanomag: What is happenning with Belladonna? Where is she now?

VB: She quit long time ago. She was really good in her performances. I think she quit before I started. I think now she is still producing and directing porn.

Shanomag: How did you choose your actor’s name – Valentina Bianco?

VB: My first producer suggested two possible names that I can use. I didn’t even think that I will become porn star one day so I didn’t look for any special name. I thought it will be one shooting maybe two maximum, and I didn’t expected that it will become my profession. So he offered me two options. I really hated the first one – Noah Fiorentino. It sounded so old fashioned, like porn star from the 80’s. And after I said “Sorry, but I really don’t like this name”. Then he offered – Valentina Bianco and I really liked it. I always liked the name Valentina, and also it was very close to Valentino Rossi. It is a great play of words and names, like a gag. I like my actor’s name a lot.

Shanomag: What can make you feel uncomfortable while you are acting? What advice can you give to man and porn actors? Anything they shouldn’t do? Or how can they be better?

VB: I’m very lucky because I really like my job and I don’t have bad memories of shooting. I started at 31 years old and at that age the woman is mature and know clearly what she wants and what she don’t like in sex. I think maybe only one time I had an issue with an actor – during the break of ashooting an anal scene – this guy just came behind me and penetrate me in the ass without saying a word. It really hurted me and it was very disrespectful act. This is the only thing I dislike in my professional life. It was wrong and I slapped him in the face.
As an advice to male actors I can share that for me it is very important to see that the guy I’m with during shooting really likes me and he can show this in some way. For me a really great performer is the man who really likes the woman during the shooting. You can see him really enjoying when fucking the woman. He needs to really like and love the woman to have good sex with her. This is what I really like in one good performer.

Shanomag: Is there any modern drug or chemical recipe used by the porn actors recently, as they used cocaine in the 80’s. Is the Viagra popular tool in the business?

VB: I never use drugs while shooting. The man actors use stimulators sometimes but I know actors of around 45-50 years old who do not take anything. They can use Viagra or Kamagra the days they are feeling bad, but generally not. There is a new generation of hardcore actors and some say they use stimulating injections at times to make their “weapon” ready. I don’t know the specific name of such substances as it is only popular amongst men in that particular business.

Shanomag: When was your last shooting date and when is the next one?

VB: My last shooting was last Wednesday, and it was in France, It was super nice but it was really exhausting. My next shooting will be on Tuesday next week. I will make a lesbian scene in Germany.

Shanomag: How you imagine the Porn Industry in near future, for example 10-15 years ahead?

VB: I think everything has been done already in Porn. We know how sex works. We know how to fuck a man, a woman, two girls, two men … whatever. For me it is very difficult to make predictions for Porn future as you can do in other businesses. My opinion is that the porn is changing super, super quickly. Not even in a years, sometimes it is matter of months.

But honestly as technology improved I can see how Virtual Reality interaction can be integrated in Porn. I can see it growing already in this direction.

The other changes in the next 10-15 years could be related to the producing companies. Right now one actress is famous because of the company she is working for. In the future we can have another category of performers. They will be their own managers, own producers and they will take care for the business themselves. I call it now “auto-made porn” or “self-made porn”. This kind of changes will grow. I think you can already see this coming. One example is PornHub. You can send all videos and share it from there, you can receive money same way as in YouTube. We will see the same changes coming to Porno Industry as earlier for the Music Business. Everyone remember MySpace and how it started. It is full with great new opportunities.

Shanomag: And now one funny question – Do you have any plans to run for Parliament member in Italy or maybe a President?

VB: Me? Ohhh… My mother will kill me…actually my family is not informed about my professional career. I never shoot in Italy before and I have plans to stay away from politics.

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Valentina’s Twitter – @ValeBiancoxx

Photos: Nico Bertrand – Darkness Studio

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