USB butt-plug-Breakthroughs in rectal data hosting


We found intriguing method to hide your important files:

USB – Micro SD card reader, butt plug and data storage dongle! Back that data up like a boss! Show’em the files you be work’n with

Price 27.32 + shipping
Never forget those important files again, don’t keep them with you, keep them IN you!


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: fun, smiles, free time, drinking helps, a dirty mind, funny, confusion, Silicone, I assume a problematic past
  • Made to order
  • Ships worldwide from United States

Now, thanks to out cutting edge breakthroughs in rectal data hosting, you don’t have to worry about anyone stumbling across those personal home movies, private photos or microfilms you snapped pics of, during that last undercover mission to Moscow, this will keep those bits of data safe from prying eyes & wandering fingers, like a SECRET AGENT!!


Be like James Bond, Archer, and/or…what ever other applicable spies are out there who would do this!

Features include, butt are not limited to –

Sleek Black Butt Plug, made from tender Silicon!

Detachable USB Micro-SD Reader DONGLE (that word’s REALLY funny)

Secure Data lodging

Hides files in places most people wont be looking!

Great way to turn in class assignments, resumes and work projects

Maybe wizards?

Kinda feels like you’re part of the Matrix

Plug and Play fun for all

Great gift for that friend who has everything, I promise, they don’t have one of these

Compatible with most models – custom sizes available upon request!

Protective cap, trust me, this is a good feature.

2 bonus images!


This small anal novelty, data transfer device and possible projectile will always brighten up your day, whether it’s secured inside you, proudly displayed on your coffee table, worn to church, hung from a necklace or given as a gift to a loved one!

Hit me up with any questions or comments, I can make just about anything custom and love commissions, and please share! Each order also comes with free stickers and a few extra bonus gifts 🙂 Thanks a ton for dropping by!!

From Shanomag we want to ask is there possibility to put a thermometer inside to monitor the inside body heat during flu?

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