Urbanista #7 Abandoned Casa de Semafor

The House of the signals is abandoned building from XIX century. Good choice for half day trip or picnic, because it is located inside reserve od Delta del Llobregat. You can combine it with visit to Caserna dels Carrabiners which is 150 meters away.Access is free and save because the building has been renovated into park Mirador(Watch Tower).

Build on massive 3 meters stone blocks to resist sea power it has been used for naval navigation and for early informing for contraband ships.

It used to communicate by flag signals with the Fort of Montjuic. Workers at the house often suffer from malaria and other diseases related to the climate of Delta del Llobregat. At present time it is conserved and re-designed for Watchtower for tourists at reservation area.


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Short Video from Signal House


Location of Casa del Semafor in Wikimapia.org


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