Urbanista #25 Exploring Abandoned Bokor Hill Station, Cambodia

One of the most interesting places for Urban Explorers in Cambodia is Bokor Hill Mountain Station. This is a group of French Colonial buildings, including – Hotel Casino, Gothic Church, Royal Residency and Post Office. The best way to reach it is by renting a scooter from Kampot in Southern Cambodia. Make sure you are up early. Reaching the complex from Kampot require more than 60-90 minutes.

The weather in the mountain is famous with its unpredictable changes from foggy to sunny and rain will be your company most of the time you will be there. This place is situated 1000m over the sea level in the heart of Preah Monivong National Park and it will open incredible views to Bay of Thailand if you have lucky day with no clouds and fog.

More than 900 Cambodians died in nine months during the construction of the resort in this remote location and this fact make this place creepier than ever. Finished in 1920, the resort allow French Colonial elite to escape from the hot tropical weather of Cambodia.

Abandoned in 1940 from the French, Bokor Hill Resort pass through the same history disasters as Cambodian Country. The place was arena of vicious fighting during Indo-China War and mostly during the Khmer Rouge period of the Vietnam’s invasion. The Khmer Rouge kept control over the area till 1990’s when they were finally pushed away and the area declared free. The rumors around still confirming that all the region is still under invisible management of ex-Khmer Rouge leaders.

And at the end few advises for your trip to the resort:

  1. Rent scooter or Bike in good shape and make sure that you test it for few hours before you start the mountain tour. You don’t want to stay in Bokor waiting for help under the permanent rain.
  2. Raincoat. No, better take 2 raincoats. There will be weather surprises. We can guarantee you that. Put all your sensitive belongings in vacuum plastic bag. It can get really wet there.
  3. Take some food and bottle of water. The only place to buy food and drinks is on the top of the mountain at the new casino.

Have fun and share your experience.

Urban Exploring rating:

Trespassing Status – Free/No Security

Accessibility – ∕⑩ You need to rent a bike or scooter to reach the park

Dangers Level/Risk – ∕⑩ Fogs and low visibility, Risk of falling

Spooky Level – /⑩

Urbex Level – /⑩ – Beginners

Fun – /⑩

Total: 7.66 / 10

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