Urbanista #19 Exploring the Abandoned Thuy Tien Lake Aquapark, Vietnam

Thuy Tien is situated just 8 kilometers outside Huong Thuy town in Hue, by the Thuy Tien Lake. This abandoned water park is hidden in the jungle, but recently become very popular and many tourists heading daily there to visit its ghost structures.

Ho Thuy Tien, which cost nearly three million dollars to build, opened to the public outside of the Vietnamese city of Hue in 2004. It was only half-finished, but that didn’t matter.

The water-park still drew crowds.

They came to see the three-story-tall dragon whose scaled belly was filled with fish tanks. The park was all the things it was supposed to be—fun and magnetic, a place to dream on.

Then, just a few short years after its glorious debut, the park closed—suddenly and unceremoniously.

Over a decade later, nature has reclaimed its winding slides and swimming pools, with spiral rides strewn with leaves and wild animals like crocodiles who, up until recently, called it home. 

The centerpiece of the park is a huge dragon on the lake that you can climb inside. The dragon’s scaly body forms a staircase, and visitors can walk up to a spectacular viewing area and take in the stunning view of the Thuy Tien Lake from behind its teeth.Once a popular leisure spot for local families, it now draws a very different crowd. 

We were there during the summer of 2017 and sharing some photos and video from our mission of exploration.

Urban Exploring rating:

Trespassing Status – Recent updates showing that sometimes one security guard can be restricting the access for tourists.

Accessibility – ∕⑩ Open area without fence

Dangers Level/Risk – ∕⑩

Spooky Level – /⑩

Urbex Level – ⑦∕⑩

Fun – ⑩/⑩

Total: 8 / 10


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