Urbanista #16 Abandoned Liepaja Battery No.3 Coastal Defense Fortification, Lithuania

The area with the abandoned fortifications in Liepaja Lithuania’s, was our final destination during Shanomag Baltic trip. After the dungeons of few nuclear rocket bases and few abandoned airports reaching the sea was great release. With color domination of grey, this place keep very special mood.

The bunker structures are one of the most visually expressive coastal defense lines in Latvia. The majority of the fortifications have been destroyed. Situated at 220km from the capital city of Vilnius, the battery No.3, the surrounding maintenance structures and the port were built between 1890 and 1906. It became one of the biggest fortification projects for Tsarists Russia at this time.

Forts of Liepaja are similar to fort Port-Artur in the far east of Russia. Karosta fortifications were built from 1893 to 1906, work lead by author of the project, major-general Ivan Mc-Donald. Some parts of fortifications were connected by canals and narrow-gauge railway. There were 140 warships and 30 submarines for the Liepaja navy fleet.

In November 1908 the fortress was liquidated, as its construction had been acknowledge a strategic mistake.

There are a lot of tunnels in the area and visitors needs to carry flashlights with them.


Urban Exploring rating:

Trespassing Status – Free/No Security

Accessibility – ⑩∕⑩

Dangers Level/Risk – ∕⑩ Broken roofs and floors, cliffs and rocks, risk of falling

Spooky Level –/⑩

Urbex Level – ③/⑩ – Beginners

Fun – /⑩

Total: 6.66 / 10


Video Impressions from this abandoned location:


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