Urbanista #11 Abandoned Rucava’s Soviet Radio Communications Military Base

The first location I visited in Latvia was this abandoned air defense ex-soviet military base. As any other Military buildings this Radio division was built as economically as possible using standard design.

The Devision Complex is organized around 5 service buildings in the open are outside the forest. Living-quarters, small shop, storages, service buildings and check point.

The main buildings are protected bunkers type architecture. Three auto-parks from garages can be found in the south part. The main one include network of service and support tunnels used to maintain the vehicles without going out from the bunker.

At present time the are is used by motocross enthusiast. The bunkers made great hills for jumps and trainings.

After short trip to Liepaja I used the base to park and sleep during the night. The place is quite and required just flashlight to be explored. Great starting point for training of stalkers and urban explorers. Absence of underground structure make this place safe for daily trips and beginners.


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Military base location from Wikipedia.org

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