Urbanista #10 Abandoned Paper Mill / Abandonada Cartonera el Papiol

Today’s stalker trip is – an Abandoned Paper Mill near Barcelona. El Cartonera – El Papiol was build in 1793 and the mill was one of the most productive paper and carton mills in the area. In the beginning of 20 century diesel engines replaced the water mills. The building has 5 floors and 180 windows.

After massive flooding in 1983 some parts of the buildings collapsed and the Factory closed doors forever. Some parts of the three main buildings

has been used for storage rooms in the 80’s, some signs of “occupa” are visible in the surrounding service buildings. Few of the stone mills still can be found inside the interior of the ground area. Visitors, should be careful in some areas with floor traps and missing floors. Some artifacts from the last years of existence are noticeable. Still well conserved office areas.



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