Undercurrents-Albert Omoss

Dragged into conceptual streams; indiscrete and homogeneous; a prevailing atmosphere is not openly expressed.

Albert Omoss is a computational artist. He uses code to create software, and software to create visual art.

Omoss’ art practice relates the axiomatic structures of reality to the anthropocentric ideals of technological innovation. Albert’s work expounds a menagerie of technical complexity driven by a desire to derive meaning from the organization of intricate systems. His personal pieces often explore the fragility of the human form, the aesthetic complexity of physical processes, and

the relationship between organisms and advanced technologies.

Some notable projects include helping to craft the YCN award winning title sequence for FITC Tokyo 2015, as well as writing and directing the short film Entangle for the F5 2015 Conference, which was awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick. Albert’s personal artwork garners great praise for it’s unique psychedelic style. His rise to success in the design industry has been featured in an article on Motionographer.

Albert is deeply influenced by film, visual art, science, and technology. When he isn’t helping to create commercials for BUCK, or working on one of his personal projects, you’ll find him spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter in Los Angeles, California.

Here is link to the official website of Alber


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