Ubuntu Core-Snappy is here. Let’s Internet of Things revolution starts now

SnappyUbuntu Core, also known as Snappy, is a stripped down version of Ubuntu, designed to run securely on autonomous machines, devices and other internet-connected digital things. From homes to drones, these devices are set to revolutionise many aspects of our lives, but they need an operating system that is different from that of traditional PCs.

Why Ubuntu Core?

Create differentiated devices that will continue to generate revenue over your product’s lifetime, with a software platform that’s easy to update and upgrade.

  • Faster, more reliable and stronger security guarantees for apps and users.
  • Atomic transaction upgrades for apps and the Ubuntu Core software itself, all of which can be rolled back if needed, for simple maintenance and upgrades.
  • Separation of OS and application files as a set of distinct read-only images, to easily and securely add multiple apps and functionalities onto a single device.
  • A new, simpler application packaging system to make it easier for developers to build and maintain apps.
  • Signature authentication to prove that what’s running is exactly what developers have published, for greater end user security.


Ubuntu Core can power devices of practically any type and size, with the security and extensibility of a full-scale OS.

  • Safe, reliable, transactional updates with tests and rollback
  • Applications confined by Canonical’s AppArmor kernel security system
  • Amazing developer experience with Snapcraft to build from source
  • Easily extensible with frameworks


Setting the security standard

  • Security built-in

    Critical infrastructure systems are common subjects for attacks, which is why all Ubuntu Core devices can be updated fast. And to ensure that apps can be installed safely, they are isolated using kernel containers, with human-friendly security profiles.

  • Transactional updates

    Snappy lets you update your servers faster. All data is backed up allowing for rollback if it fails — so your system is never in an incomplete state. It means you can deploy updates automatically, protecting your valuable data and apps.

  • Signature authentication

    As well as isolating apps from each other (and the system itself), Ubuntu Core uses signatures to authenticate all code running on your servers and devices. If it’s not the code you publish, it won’t make it onto your devices.

For developers

Ubuntu Core is a single platform for developing, testing and publishing applications for internet-connected devices and servers.

  • Open source and secure by design
  • Transactional updates for fast, reliable updates
  • Small footprint means minimal hardware requirements
  • Option to use only the libraries your apps need

For Downloads go HERE

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