Tribler-The future of Torrents

“Push the boundaries of self-organising systems, robust reputation systems and craft collaborative systems with millions of active participants under continuous attack from spammers and other adversarial entities.”

Tribler is a research project of Delft University of Technology. Tribler was created over nine years ago as a new open source Peer-to-Peer file sharing program. During this time over one million users have installed it successfully and three generations of Ph.D. students tested their algorithms in the real world.

Work on Tribler has been supported by multiple Internet research European grants. In total received 3,538,609 Euro in funding for open source security research.

Roughly 10 to 15 scientists and engineers work on it full-time. The ambition is to make darknet technology, security and privacy the default for all Internet users.



Tribler offers anonymous downloading. Bittorrent is fast, but has no privacy. Tribler do NOT use the normal Tor network, but created a dedicated Tor-like onion routing network exclusively for torrent downloading. Tribler follows the Tor wire protocol specification and hidden services spec quite closely, but is enhanced to need no central (directory) server.

You can Download Tribler from HERE



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