Tray Bien: The New Way to Serve Drinks without spilling a drop


Dreamed in the classroom, designed alongside users, and now in the market: a smarter serving tray that saves you time.

Tray Bien 1

Tray Bien’s sleek, minimalistic tray locks glasses in place and lowers the center of gravity, making it easier and more stable to comfortably serve your favorite beverages.

Through this Kickstarter campaign, Tray Bien wants to gather the financial support necessary to continue manufacturing and expanding our distribution reach.

Here we are today: asking you to help bring the Tray Bien solution to your favorite restaurant and make it easier (and look edgier/cooler/more hip) to serve drinks.


Tray Bien Story 1

Tray Bien Story 2

Tray Bien Story

The project is already funded and the tray is on the way to your local bar maybe, but if you want to learn more go to Kickstarter page


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