To spend 30M EURO for something you can have for free


Bulgarian government will pay EUR 30,000,000.00 $… Yes, 30 Millons of EURO to Microsoft for licensee fees for using Windows OS and Office packages for the Bulgarian administration in the next three years.

They pay this amount every three years i.e. about EUR 10M per year are spent on something which have completely free and open source alternative which every one could use free of charge.

Seems not very logical?


Not quite, you forget that this is the Bulgarian government. The government administration officers here have one and only target when they get in power – to cash their efforts.

What they could cash if there is no money to spend on free Linux OS?

Nothing, but when they spend EUR 10 Millions on software you can bet that quite nice amount of this money go back into the pockets of who spends the money 🙂

Tip – one and same company “wins” all these tenders for the last 14 years, even if they give highest price bid.

Total more than EUR 100 millions since ywar 2001. Should we comment further?

What if these 100 Millions were invested in the Bulgarian education instead to fill the pockets of corrupted administration and Microsoft? We never know as this would never happen here.

And please do not tell me that windows is easier to use than Linux, this is something which only one who never used both OS could tell.

We drop using Windows in Olimex since years, the only problem which we faced ever was missing support for old Cannon printer which went to the garbage, we switched to HP printers for good and never regret on this.

EDIT: Some people may say – big deal 30 millions EURO is not big amount for government to spend. Do not forget this is for small Bulgaria, to compare with UK for instance which have exactly 61 times bigger GDP, to spend 30 millions EURO in Bulgaria is equal UK government to spend 1830 millions of EURO for MS licensees. This is to show how effectively  Bulgarian government spends taxpayer’s money.

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