TicrThing-The first hardware Bitcoin ticker campaign is now active on IndieGoGo

3d-printed-standingmidqBefore you continue to read this article, please check right from this text field and maybe you can notice CoinDesk’s bitcoin website ticker widget running in our home page. Very helpful small frame script. From some time ago people working on a project to create a physical device which can solve the same task and it can work outside of dead loop of smartphone-tablet-laptop cycles. Our friends from TicrThing -makers of wireless gadgets and crypto enthusiast, just twitted that their crowdfunding campaign at IndieGoGo officially has started. We wrote about their project when it was still in research and prototyping stage during their presentation at Barcelona Mini Maker Fair 2016. Now we are more than happy to see that they generally changed their design to minimalistic portable gadget cube and many other improvements were implemented from hardware and coding sides after we tested the prototype back in February 2016.

_dsc1475This is the third successful project in a row, coming from Barcelona Bitcoin Community’s members within one year. After BTC-Guardian and Bitsquare, now TicrThing proving that Barcelona Bitcoin Community firmly continues to be one of the most productive crypto-incubators with modern, interesting projects with global impact without analogues.

The TicrThing itself is 5x5x5 cm cube, a small gadget device which fits in your palm and it  works in without any cables. The active part is only one of the sides, where simple LED display is situated. Nothing special until you configure it and turn it ON. Now, the interesting part is that on this screen you can immediately check …. what ? …  BITCOIN PRICE IN REAL TIME !!!… Yes. Not sure if everyone understanding this news and actually this invention will not “SAVE the WORLD”, but … I’m sure that many of you are waiting to have something like this small friend, for a veeeeeerery long time.

combo_midqualNow you can place this wireless helper somewhere in the area of your activities- desk, table, shelf or working plot. Just follow the price of your digital bitcoin stash in USD or EUR or any other world fiat currency rates without even blinking your eyes. Your hands can do some more useful and responsible things. Finally, free from all these nervous bugs and ticks of check for your smart-phone or PC screen for any “potential” bitcoin price moves you always play in your mind thinking that you have “missed”. Great tool for traders in “open” long or “short” position orders at exchange markets.

To get part in the campaign and backed up their idea they promising to send you custom version of TicrThing in your choice.

features_hands_freeIt could be made from wood, 3d printed or you can send them your logo and QRcode for your public wallet address and they will engrave all on the sides of the cube so you can have all there when it is needed.

The TicrThing connects to your local WiFi network or mobile hotspot, polls the bitcoin price online and displays it on the screen. Configure it wireless via a web browser, without any additional apps or cables.

The device is powered by an integrated battery, which is rechargeable through a micro-USB port. Now sit back and relax. And remember that the price is what TicrThing’s display is showing.

For good or bad, Low or High. It is just the price. But, this time it is real and it is In real time…

Link to the campaign page for TicrThing HERE

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