Weekend in Catalunya-The Shelter of Josep Pujiula i Vila

_MG_9647Last weekend we went on a trip in Catalan North. In  Argelaguer we found an amazing place hidden in the outskirts of the village. The forest construction project has been started by Josep Pujiula i Vila – 40 years ago and after he began to add to it more locations and installations.

Inspecting the area, which was built on public land, the government quickly deemed Pujiula’s homemade park a dangerous environment.

In 2002 he was forced to demolish and burn the entire construction despite outcries from Spain and abroad.

However, Pujiula made a decision not many people in a comparable situation, would make. He began again. On another spot, not far from the original one, he once more constructed a labyrinth.


Garrell – El Tarzan d’Argelaguer (Trailer) from Marc Barcel√≥ on Vimeo.

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  1. Do you know when he started the new park and can you provide any directions to the place?
    Thanks, great pics!

    1. He started few years ago again, after a storm destroyed most of the constructions. Ask in any of the two bars in Argelaguer for the exact location.

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