Sounds from Sixties

One Psychedelic Track from Peru and 1968 – first release, cover version plus lyrics … Enjoy

The original – Traffic Sound – Meshkalina


The Cover – Paco Zambrano y su combo – Meshkalina



The Lyrics

“Yawar Huaca wonder why he was high once

Raped the witch and killed the wild Ayarmacas

Let me down meshkalina

Let me down meshkalina…

Full of bull he was, oh God let me tell you

Spread the weed one day, all over his empire

Let me down meshkalina

Let me down meshkalina…

Flying stayed for fifteen days in his lab once

He said “Man it’s here, let’s try my new substance”

Give me some meshkalina

Give me some meshkalina…

We went driving hard and wild across the country

We were having fun, even though we were dying

Let me die meshkalina

Let me die meshkalina…

Now I know it’s time for you to start learning

About the games we play everyday, every morning”


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