Snowden for Easier Printing


Among others, a pair of artists who famously erected a statue of Edward Snowden in the Fort Greene Park in Fort Greene, Brooklyn last month – for their project “Prison Ship Martyrs Monument 2.0″ – want people around the world to have a replica of their now famous bust to print and do what they wish with – both in their own homes and in public spaces.

snowden_full_size_preview_featuredIn a note on their upload to Thingiverse, the artists warn that the sculpture still isn’t entirely optimized for fused deposit modeling, (FDM) the common method of 3-D printing used by printers like those sold by Makerbot or Stratasys, as opposed to more expensive forms of 3-D printing like selective laser sintering. But they promise that a more FDM-friendly version of the file is coming soon.

Snowden Thingiverse



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