ShiftWear for pre-order

Desktops, wallpaper, themes, skins, cover photos. We’ve gotten used to making everything our own. If we can’t put our own stamp on it, it just doesn’t feel right. That’s how we felt about the sneaker

game. So we did something about it. The best artists you know are right in your neighborhood. Or on your favorite online forum. We see amazing designs every day. With creative minds at every turn, why are we still letting a handful of designers at big corporate shoe manufacturers decide what the next look is?

What if you could shop for the best shoe designs from people just like you? And when you liked what you saw, just press the button to buy, and instantly – the design is right there on your shoes. Stunning visuals, and even animation, ready to wear at the touch of a button and switch whenever the mood strikes.
MORE details for the wear HERE on

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