Send an Email at a Specific Time with Mozilla Thunderbird


Send Later is another good Add-on for Thunderbird mail client. At Shanomag we already using it and we are happy to introduce it for you. Helping every time when you are not able to be physically on your working place or desk, and sending your mail in any scheduled by you time.

To install it follow please follow the next steps.


1. Open Thunderbird and go to Tools – Add-ons:




2. In Add-ons window make sure that you are on “Get Add-ons), then type “Send later” and search the latest Add-on version:




3. Install the Add-on:




4. Restart Thunderbird:




5. Next time when you have already email and you want to configure sending time :

Just press Ctrl + Shift + Enter and Send Later menu will appear and you can set any time or repeating model.



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