Save the Ocean by ordering Sustainable Sashimi

“Sustainability” means a lot of different things—for seafood there is no unifying definition. Sustainable seafood means that the population of the species is healthy, well managed and farmed or caught in an environmentally friendly way.


At I love blue sea and Two Fish the motto is Save the World by Eating Fish.

And they can promise that:

“We are constantly monitoring every product we sell to ensure that your purchase is supporting those fishermen that are responsible stewards of the sea. We follow the guidelines established by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program. Take a look at our producers and you will see mostly smaller, family-owned companies operating entirely in the U.S.”

By buying and shipping direct we save you save tons of money.  Each of our sashimi packages has 6 pieces of sashimi, enough to make 2 rolls, that would cost you $20 – $30 at a sushi restaurant.  Not into sushi?  Quickly sear a few pieces in a hot pan to bring your salad to life.  Cut it up to make poke.  Mix with mayo for the best tuna sandwich of your life.  There’s no limit to the ways you can be creative while eating healthy and saving cash

We’re a non-profit that has developed a revolutionary new way to enjoy sushi at home. You get the freshest fish direct from the boat.  It’s sliced and ready to enjoy raw or cooked.  Artisanal, family fishermen get the support they need.  And our neighbors with little to no access to good food get nutritious, affordable, high quality seafood. Enjoy!


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