Samsung VR vs Zeiss VR One

Samsung VR


Samsung is expanding its virtual-reality wares to its new flagship phones.

The Gear VR Innovator Edition for the S6 and S6 Edge (that’s the name!) is available for preorder online at Best Buy starting Friday, April 24. It goes on sale online in a couple of weeks, beginning May 8 on Samsung’s Gear VR site and the Best Buy site. It’ll hit Best Buy retail stores on May 15. The price stays at $200, just like the previous Gear headset.

Source: Samsung Redesigns Its VR Headset to Fit the Galaxy S6 | WIRED





Of course, there are a few headsets that have been designed to work with a wider array of phones—and they’re cheaper. The $99 Zeiss VR One has an adaptable tray that works with the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5, as well as CAD models that let you 3D-print trays for other phones. And there are free cardboard housings that are even more forgiving in terms of phone type, although those are likely to get uncomfortable during an hours-long immersion sesh.


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