Reset The Net-What we need to remember


One day after the “Reset the net” initiative started I decided to note 2 things:

1. I want to share once again the good guys from all names and partners behind the idea of Rest the Net, but don’t forget about Ed Snowden on first place:

Good Guys

2. Second – keep helping the other Internet users. Show them how to protect their data and communications. There is a lot of technically skilled users around the Web, and sometimes is better to turn around and start spreading the “Reset The Net” ideas between our family, relatives and closest friends. Not all of them are with high IT experience and skills, but they are the bones of the network. For this reason I prepared a small personal list with software and some suggestion i want to share, with all my buddies and my family.

Lock BIG BROTHER outside of your PC.

Follow the next 6 steps for free and open source software and improve the global Internet privacy and freedom by upgrading your computer to one level more safe, private and secure mood.

We can’t stop targeted attacks, but we *can* stop mass surveillance, by building proven security into the everyday Internet.


1. HTTPS EVERYwhere . Hide your traffic to/from websites. You don’t need to share with everyone the websites you visit and the data you exchange. Lock this by add this small plug-in – compatible with any web browser from Internet Explorer and Firefox to Google Chrome:

Link :

Estimated time of installation 1 min.

2. Surfing web Space with Anonimity – Tor Browser.
Surf again to banned websites or simply open websites from networks with limited accesses.
Don’t let them keep you outside in the censorship field.

Link to this great webbrowser – Tor:

Estimated time of installation – 4-5 min.

3. Want to chat with someone privately – then go and grab His Toxic majesty Tox (Venom)
Still in beta, but good anonimous crypto chat . No registration or email required.


Estimated time of installation – 3 min.

4. Want to encrypt your data in your external HDD or USB stick. TrueCrypt can do this for you. Just mind to download version 7.1 maximum or older. There is a changes in the license holders and the development team relations of TrueCrypt.

Latest versions not including the option to create new encrypted drive, so please follow the instructions from the page I linked here.

All updates and downloads can be found on:

Link :

Estimated time of installation – 5-6 min.

5. It is good idea to use VPN when you communicate or exchange data with someone on the network.
You can always sign for free trial and complete a safe session when it is needed.

Estimated time of installation – Most of the VPN clients required less than 5 minutes to install and 5-10 minutes to configure.

6. If you want to search without trace then you need a freiend like duckduckgo search engine.


No installation required. Just open the home page and start typing.


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