Operation Pandora-Police in Spain arrested Anarchist Squatters

Under the name Pandora”, Catalan Police have started a large police operation to arrest an alleged terrorist group of anarchist, who are suspects for various attacks with explosive devices, according to regional police reports.

From the early morning of 16th of December, officers from Catalan police have arrested 11 people in Barcelona city. In the same time Civil Guard in Madrid arrested one more suspect. In total there have been 14 persons from different places of Spain 11 from Barcelona , one in Sabadell, one in Manresa and one in Madrid. The detainees from Barcelona, according to police, are seven women and four men, aged between 31 and 36 years with Spanish nationality, Uruguayan, Italian and Austrian. They will be transferred in the coming hours to the National Court.

Javier Gómez Bermúdez from Central Court of Instruction No. 3 of the National Court, is who has issued 15 arrest warrants against suspected members of this alleged organization. As reported legal sources, the judge has declared secret cause.

The Kasa de la Muntanya‘ is the epicenter of operation in the district of La Salut (district of Gràcia), around which the police has cut some nearby streets, south of the Park Güell. According to sources close to the investigation, agents have seized computers, mobile phones and notebooks and recorded every room of the property.

The Kasa de la Muntanyais a former barracks of the Civil Guard. Later it was occupied in November 1989, which has 25 years in the hands of young anti-system anarchist squatters community.The building is one of the oldest in Europe and an emblem of the squatter movement. The large stone house, perched on the slopes of the Sierra de Collserola, is listed and has about 700 square meters divided into multiple rooms around a large courtyard. In the space currently lived activists, evicted families with children and supporters of okupa- movement. They also tend to host foreign visitors and other Spanish communities of similar ideology.

In a statement, the Mossos say they have arrested several people on charges of belonging to a criminal organization, without specifying where they have been detained.

The operation official start in 5.00am on 16th of December can be connected with the desire of police to storm the are before all tourists starts their tours in Park Guell. Police Helicopter was spotted over the area hanging for hour.

HERE are the latest updates and more details from the operation.

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