Nokia launched OZO VR camera on November 30th

Filmmaking of the future will take audiences on a truly immersive journey. Ahead of the official launch of #OZO on November 30, innovators Ted Schilowitz, Sid Ganis and Steve Schklair expound on how #OZO will affect the entire film industry.

Nokia announced that its Ozo VR camera now has a price tag: $60,000. The company is now accepting pre-orders and will begin shipping them in the first quarter of 2016.


First shown off in July, the camera is capable of shooting and broadcasting live footage in 3D and 360 degrees. It features eight image sensors and an equal number of microphones, and negates the need for stitching footage together. That enables directors to preview cuts in real-time, without having to wait for them to be processed.

It’ll be interesting to see if Nokia can lead the charge for VR content creation tools in the face of competition from companies like Giroptic and Jaunt. It has a serious advantage over its rivals with its real-time previewing capabilities, but it’s not clear if that will be enough to help it become the world standard for 360-degree cameras.

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