Ned Kelly-The armored Bushranger


On this day – 11th of November, 134 years ago the famous┬áNed Kelly was hanged. A controversial figure from Australian folklore, policemen killer or Robin Hood of south hemisphere? We don’t know, but he was definitely creative.

Ned Kelly’s gangs will stay in our memory like the men who created and dressed in homemade plate metal Armours and a helmets. The Tank-men of 19th century.

Kelly was born in small town of Beveridge, Australia in Irish family. He was convicted of three counts of willful murder and hanged at Old Melbourne Gaol in November 1880. His daring and notoriety made him an iconic figure in Australian history, folklore, literature, art and film.

The Kelly’s gang members were equipped with armour that repelled bullets (but left the legs unprotected). They made these with the intention of further robbing banks, as the gang were short of money. The police had been informed by their spies about the armour, that the gang had tested it with bullets at ten paces, but dismissed these stories. (The armour had been made in the district by a man well known to the police, although the proof was insufficient for a conviction.)Each man’s armour weighed about 44 kilograms (97┬álb). All four had helmets. All wore grey cotton coats reaching past the knees over the armour.

Australian authorities have identified the remains of bushranger Ned Kelly, 131 years after the iconic outcast was hanged for murder and his body buried in the yard of a Melbourne gaol.

You can read more for Ned Kelly HERE in Wikipedia

Ned Kelly Country Victoria
Ned Kelly Country Victoria

Policeman Wearing  Kelly Armour

Policeman Wearing Kelly Armour

Reward for Ned Kelly
Reward for Ned Kelly
Last Photo of Ned – 1 day before execution


Ned Kelly's Colt
Ned Kelly’s Colt
Ned-Kelly Armour
Ned Kelly Armour
The Helmet of the Armour
The Helmet of the Armour



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