Kickstart Maniac Mansion 2-Back to the roots of adventures


Twenty-five years ago, Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick created the game that introduced the world to 2D point & click adventure games. Maniac Mansion took the computer game world by storm with its compelling story, complex puzzles, cutting edge humor, engaging game play, and provided an entire generation with a new idea of what an adventure game could be.

And now they are back together with an all new 2D point & click adventure game!  Ron is skinny again and Gary had that rash looked at — and they’re here (finally!) to create the true spiritual successor to Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island.


Thimbleweed Park is a new game that cuts to the core of what made classic point & click adventure games so special, and done by the actual people who spawned the genre.


Kickstarter project HERE

The Main House at Skywalker Ranch inspired the design of Maniac Mansion ’​s setting.



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