How far I can drive after my petrol light is ON for “Empty”

a2c53412988-sSometimes, strange discomfort can be noticed in the car, when you see the little light in your petrol popped on warning and you are in traffic jam or outside in the middle of nowhere? Do you start telling yourself that “… one day I will read all these manuals from the front seat car storage drawer and will remember the distance I can drive with light ON…”?

If these questions are your regular driving companion you need to clear this once forever for your car brand and model and make it clear because when you run out of petrol you are in one potentially dangerous situation. You can print your details and stick it somewhere in the visible area of your driving seat. Once you see, your light bulb for petrol is ON, reset your counter for the distance and check how much you can drive without risk of going out of petrol, during your search for the next petrol station. Driving on empty can also do damage to your vehicle. Like experience drivers we can suggest one more think. We are not sure that it is legal in in all countries all around, but it can save you a lot, if you are prepared and it is legal at your location. Our advice is to bring with you small 5l tank with spare petrol in it. It can last more than year and it will be still your helper in case you run out of fuel. On the road sometimes 2 liters means a lot.

Check this table for your model car and be prepared. For drivers from other part of the world here is an easy conversion from miles to kilometers:

1mi= 1.609344km
Graphic by car brands and models

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