Free Doge Coin Faucets to learn how Cryptocurrencies works

Dogecoin_logoFor all my brothers and sisters who are new to the cryptocurrencies I decide to prepare a small start up in Crypto World.

To understand how everything works we can use one of the most popular coins for test purposes.

For this reason I chose DogeCoin. It is fast transaction coin, with huge popularity among the cryptocurrencies enthusiast, perfect for donations and tipping anything you like and read in Internet.

It works in the same way like Bitcoin. Best for tests and learning for bitcoin in safe way.

You can download Wallet if you still don’t have one.

Once when you have working and synchronized DogeCoin and your address where you can receive coins is created you can receive some free Doge coins through these Doge Faucets:

Faucet 1 – Gives >3 Doges each 2 hours

Faucet 2 – 1-3 Doges every hour

Faucet 3 – Gives 1 to 20 Doges each 8 hours

Faucet 4 – Average payout: 1 doge – Free Games every 2 hours. Win free doge coins by playing Texas Holdem. Just join to free tournaments.

In each faucet there is area where you need to put your address from your wallet, and solve simple task like entering the Captcha to prove that you are human.

Once when you reach the faucet limit you can transfer your coins to your address.

Here you can find how you can create your own Paper Wallet for Doge Coins


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