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Produtction Kit Phantom 2 Cropped

A drone aerospace industry leader, DroneFly sells consumer drones and accessories. The company’s goal is always to provide outstanding customer service, which includes full installations and repairs among other perks. Check out why DroneFly is the best choice for all drone-related needs, as well as a few reviews:

The Lowest Prices

When you shop at DroneFly, you’ll score drones for the lowest possible prices. Company founders Taylor Chien (CEO) and Frank Tesoro (CFO) share the vision of offering the best drones for the reasonable rates.


Fast Shipping

Ordering from DroneFly also equals fast shipping. Whether needing a drone for photography or other use, you no doubt want it sooner as opposed to later. The DroneFly team makes this possible without charging you a proverbial arm and leg for shipping.

Installation and Repair Services

Wanting to install DJI drone accessories? Dealing with a tech issue on your DJI Phantom 2 or other drone model? DroneFly is here to help. The premier drone company provides fantastic installation and repair services, and strongly recommends purchasing their Phantom service fee. The fee covers all time DroneFly professionals spend working on your Phantom.



DroneFly is also happy to offer financing options to customers. Their no-obligation credit application takes less than 30 seconds to complete, and you may use your approval amount to purchase new drone equipment. Financing is also tax-deductible, allows you to avoid bank restrictions, and more.

For more on Phantom drones and drone accessories, please contact DroneFly

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