Deep Dream processing of your photos


The brain behind Deep Dreamer was developed at Google as a tool to try and understand how neural networks work. Google open sourced the code, allowing anyone with the know-how to create these images. However, setting up the code on a server is not a trivial task. We’ve become fascinated with how deepdream processes our photos, and wanted to make it easy for anyone to explore.


„An image classification system must be „trained“ on an image set. Before it can identify a fork, it must be fed a number of pictures of forks, so that it can analyze their key characteristics. The dataset used to train the Deep Dream system, according to knowledgeable Reddit user emptv, is called ImageNet, which contains many image sets of dogs. In an alternative quickly proposed by other Reddit users, Deep Dream could alternatively be trained on the dick algorithm, and then it would see dicks everywhere.“

To upload and send a picture for processing go HERE


Now you can process any photo through Google Deep Dream python code with BVLC GoogleNet Model on deep learning framework Caffe on cloud servers.



Deep Dream Porn
Deep Dream Porn



To upload and send a picture for processing go HERE

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