Scientists are ready to start 3D Printing of New Organic Solar Panels

We all know that the solar panel efficiency is around 10% these days. But now there is a Big boost of solar cell technology and the way it is produced. Some scientists use Clouds, some use Music and some just decide to build all organic and print all on 3D Printers.


1. Scientists 3D Print New Solar Panels Which Work Best When Cloudy

The new solar panels manage same 10% efficiency when placed in direct sunlight, while that number jumps to 13% when placed in cloudy conditions. These solar cells, called organic photovoltaic, are unlike any other. They are made up of small organic molecules which act as semi conductors when struck with solar radiation. The amazing thing is that the molecules can easily be dissolved into a solution and 3D printed into any shape, size, or color desired.


2. Big Beats produced more enregy.

Dr Steve Dunn, Reader in Nano scale Materials from Queen Mary’s School of Engineering and Materials Science, said: “At the moment we are working very closely with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), who are helping us with the measuring and the calibration and the traceability of our output from our devices.”

3. Print your own solar panel at home.

Shawn Frayne and Alex Hornstein’s Solar Pocket Factory.With over $70,000 of backing from a successful Kickstarter campaign, the two celebrated, then got to work refining the prototype. The aim is that by April they’ll have a printer producing a solar panel every few seconds.


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