Bitsquare has launched a crowd funding round using Lighthouse-Part 2


Latest updates from Bitsquare website:

” There are many centralized bitcoin exchanges to choose from. All have different advantages and disadvantages so you can decide which one fits your needs best.

Why would we need another one?
The answer is quite simple: One thing all available exchanges share is a single point of failure, in fact many have multiple points of failure.

This results in exploitation as seen in the MtGox-drama, the Bitstamp heist or the damage that coin tracing causes to all bitcoin holders. The data and privacy of the users is in the hand of profit seeking companies who are often more commited to fulfill the demands of their investors rather to serve their users. Some of them are pro-active to fulfill surveillance demands of governments to fit into the regulatory framework and improve their VC opportunities.

Bitcoin removes the need to trust a third party.
If you are the person who is interested in bitcoin because of that revolutionary property, then you should be interested in Bitsquare as well – the world’s first fully decentralized approach to exchanging bitcoin to national currencies without a single point of failure.

We funded our first public alpha version with our own savings. But now, we have met the limitations of self-funding by simply running out of gas.
For developing the next milestone of Bitsquare we are taking a new approach with an iterative crowdfunding model using Lighthouse.
The campaign has started and will end on the 9th of February.

Follow the Link to Official Page of BITSQUARE to support

Link to Part 1 of BITSQUARE Project


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