Bitcoin TicrCube presented at Barcelona Mini Maker Fair

TicrCube_500pxInteresting project can be found this year at Barcelona Mini Maker fair 2016.
The purpose of the TicrCube is to display the current Bitcoin price in a local currency. Many Bitcoin enthusiasts (including ourselves) check the Bitcoin price several times per day online or via smartphone apps, but currently no dedicated device exists to do this effortlessly. The TicrCube is wireless and intended to stay at the user’s office desk or workstation, but it could brought along outdoors. The device connects to the local WiFi network or hotspot of the user, polls the Bitcoin price online and displays it on the screen. Several similar attempts have been made by other people, but they always remained just a “weekend Arduino project” with ad-hoc functionality and without any further development.


The TicrCube is developed as open software running on open hardware. The side walls are made from recycled PCB boards and measure 4x4x4cm. There are plans to experiment with 3D-printed casing as well – we are looking forward to receiving input for this from the Maker community. The overall cost of the box is fairly low, due to the few internal components needed. The low energy consumption allows to add a mini solar panel on top, charging the battery-powered device from natural or artificial light. Here too, the input from other Makers will be invaluable. The first prototype is fully functional and ready for display at the Maker fair, although further improvements are necessary before a final product. Different versions of the casing will be made for display at the fair.


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