Bitcoin has died again-It was for 109th time till today


Bitcoin Obituaries or is keeping archive of all news-feed from online and print media when bitcoin died in the last few years. The dead count is good reminder for all enemies of the Crypto King. You can kill something which just get alive and coming stronger and stronger every year.

Death count 107:

Russo’s glaring point remains, Bitcoin has created a class hierarchy divided by computational power. The cryptocurrency as is can not deliver on the promises of decentralization, anonymity, or full control over property. And I agree with him.

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Death count 109:

“The Bitcoin Bros Have Lost” – Deal Breaker | $577.58

The cryptoanarchists’ revolution is over. Condolences. The victorious cryptocapitalists’ advice is: Do what your parents did! Get a job, sir, at UBS,Deutshe Bank, Santander or BNY Mellon. Even JPMorgan Chase.

And another “great” prediction here:

Death count 103:

“1,000 Bitcoin Wallets Won’t Replace One Financial Revolution” – Coindesk | $408.12

At this point in the bitcoin lifecycle, the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) and naysaying we’ve been hearing is mostly true. The network is abysmally slow. The use cases are half-baked and consumers will receive no implicit benefit from bitcoin over, say, swiping their Visa card.

The bitcoin 1.0 experiment is, in short, over.

We will come back one day again to laugh and have fun with all the Nostradamuses here. During this time you can just enjoy and use the most interesting invention after the creation of Internet. Bitcoin is here and it stay…It doesn’t matter how long it will fight for respect and cheering times.



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